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Untitled by (Goremageddon.)

"That’s why it’s love—it’s unconditional. Whether you commit a mistake or a hundred, I would still love you. They say the most romantic kind of love is the unfinished kind. The kind that will forever burn and mark your soul."

- Chasing Imperfection (Pamela Ann)

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"The female doesn’t want a rich man or a handsome man or even a poet, she wants a man who understands her eyes if she gets sad, and points to his chest and say : “Here is your home country.”"

- Nizar Qabbani (via wordsthat-speak)

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The best costume spotted at Disneyland’s 10k race today. [adamlc6]

Dear Mr. Hertz…
Love, Lolita

Wolf Pups by Evan Kokoska

Fjaörárgljúfur, IcelandSource

Where does your journey end?

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Sunrise 1 by (Luis Loayza)

annual solar eclipse by (maaco)

Veiled by (Beefus)

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